Our Values

Be Resourceful

Since the beginning, we’ve worked to create products that incorporate vintage and salvaged materials. Why? Because we think it’s important to keep as much as possible out of landfills as well as preserve the history of cool stuff! As we’ve grown, we’ve started using more new material but we’ve kept the same mindset – be as resourceful as possible and create as little waste as possible. We believe that this is super important for the environment.

Be Supportive of Small Business

We also believe that supporting other small, local, handmade, and environmentally-conscious businesses is important, so we source our material from these types of businesses as much as possible. As a small business, we understand that each dollar we spend with another small business not only helps their business but also puts food on the table for their families, just like our customers do for our family.

Be Respectful to the Planet

Our environmental practices run deep. Not only do we do what we can in our business, we practice what we preach in our home too. We’ve been vegan since 2015, have a garden, compost, and make our kids play outside (whether it’s building forts in the backyard, riding bikes or visiting the neighbor’s goats)! It’s about being healthy, helping the environment and being kind to animals. Every day we try to show our kids what it means to be stewards of our planet.

Be Thankful

We thank each and every customer – past, present and future – for supporting our business! We wouldn’t be living our dream with you!